Hello dear readers!

We wish you good luck of the day at the exhibition you ROSUPAK - 2015! For 10 years, the June issue of the magazine goes to show ROSUPAK and it was not just a tradition but the professional necessity. This year ROSUPAK celebrates 20 years, and we congratulate the exhibition represented by Nadezhda Talanova, Project Director, on this significant event! We wish prosperity and further development! This exhibition - the starting point of life of our magazine, an effective platform for the interaction of professionals from different areas, a place where originate and then submitt new projects. It is a powerful stimulus to the development industry. It was the catalyst for the formation for the Packaging R&D journal.

In this issue we are pleased to announce the winners of Part Awards 2015! The competitions jury was formed by the magazine during three years. This outstanding scientists and experts of the packaging industry. In this issue you can read articles about   new researching works in the field of biodegradable polymers, innovative solutions in ecology, functionality and material consumption, fresh analytic.

Stay with us, it's effective!
Already 10 years.

Sincerely yours,
Olga Gulinkina

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