Interview with Albert Klinkhammer, Marketing & Communication Director Mondi Europe & International

Business in Russia sounds promising!
Interview with Albert Klinkhammer, Marketing & Communication Director Mondi Europe & International

The very same day the year before at the exhibition RosUpack 2014 we talked with Albert Klinkhammer, Marketing & Communication Director Mondi Europe & International, about the company development strategy and new areas of packaging business. I am happy a year after to interview Albert Klinkhammer again. Let it become our good tradition to discuss annual results at RosUpack exhibition. In this interview we will talk about achievements, difficulties and specifics of the previous year. We will also discuss how quickly the new activity streams of the company are developing, what the news in the traditional pulp and paper sector is and how difficult and promising it is to do business in Russia.

1.Please tell us what you will exhibit at RosUpack at your stand in 2015. What’s new as compared to 2014?

Last year was our first RosUpack and it was a great chance to show the range of our packaging and paper portfolio. In Russia, for example, we produce the well-known paper brand “Sneguroshka”. But we also produce many other products that touch the lives of millions every day in Russia and around the world. So after last year’s success, we are bringing even more Mondi products and people to RosUpack 2015. Nearly all parts of our business will be represented: containerboard, speciality kraft paper, industrial bags, extrusion coatings, advanced materials, consumer goods packaging and uncoated fine paper.
Just to name a few highlights, we will exhibit these innovations in 2015:

  • Pre-made retort pouches for consumer goods packaging, suitable for pasteurisation and sterilisation, offering attractive practical features and high-definition printing.
  • The award-winning BarrierFilm, an aluminium-free barrier material for food packaging that provides excellent protection, a long shelf life, energy efficiency and environmental benefits.
  • AirXLiner, a backing liner for adhesive products that allows air to escape when the facing material is applied, eliminating bubbles and wrinkles.
  • SPLASHBAG, a water-repellent industrial bag solution, originally developed for the cement industry but applicable to any industry, that protects its filling longer in wet conditions and withstands rain for 2 hours thanks to an outer ply of Mondi Advantage Protect sack kraft paper.
  • ProVantage Komiwhite, a range of white top kraftliners produced by the Mondi Syktyvkar mill in the Komi Republic of Russia. Investments in this mill in 2015 will further improve the quality of this first class paper grade for bright packaging solutions.
  • Advantage Formable White, a speciality kraft paper designed for making the insulated sleeves that fit over hot beverage cups.
  • IQ, a range of multifunctional office paper that delivers high-quality results with all printers and copiers

2. Please share the company achievements for the previous year with our readers. What highlights can you specify?

We continue to focus on the sustainable development of our operations and our products. Our colleagues are constantly working on innovations for our packaging and paper products, including aspects like greater recyclability and sustainability. Mondi products touch millions of lives every day around the world. Last year we strengthened our marketing and communication initiative called IN TOUCH EVERY DAY to illustrate this wide variety of our products and how they are used by consumers in everyday life – even when they don’t realise it’s a Mondi product.
We made some major capital investments last year, including in Russia. We invested €30 million in a new pulp dryer at our mill in Syktyvkar. With this new pulp dryer, Mondi Syktyvkar can produce more than 100,000 tonnes of FSC®-certified softwood market pulp per year. The Lesprom Awards named it “Best Investment Project of the Year 2014”. Klaus Peller, who is the managing director of our Syktyvkar mill, also received a 2014 Lesprom Award for “Best Managing Director of the Year”.
Other major achievements last year were large capital investments in our plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the acquisition of a large industrial bags business in the USA and of a modern consumer goods packaging plant in Poland. We were also pleased to receive the External Business Partner Excellence Award 2014 from Procter & Gamble, which shows that customers appreciate our efforts, too.

3. Is there anything new (products or technological developments) in the pulp and paper sector? What trend of the pulp and paper market is the most relevant nowadays?

A trend ongoing for some years already in the pulp and paper market – like in many industries – is the effort to minimise our impact on climate change by reducing fossil-based CO2 emissions. CEPI, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, launched a roadmap which targets an 80% reduction in the industry’s CO2 emissions by 2050. To help reach that goal, they set up the “Two Team Project” in 2013 which challenged companies and scientists to work together on ideas for technological breakthroughs in resource efficiency. Mondi was one of the companies that took part. Eight projects – including an idea for making paper without using water – were selected by CEPI for further development. These are still just pilot projects, but they show that by working together, the industry can contribute to meaningful scientific and technological breakthroughs that may have a lasting positive impact on our environment.

4. What are your scientists and R&D specialists now working on?

They are working on innovations in a wide number of areas, such as resource efficiency (as mentioned above, for greater sustainability of our operations); product sustainability, such as producing lighter weight and more recyclable products; product safety; and great product innovations – those clever new products and features that make life easier for the millions of people who use our products every day around the world.


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